about Bindery


The Bindery Projects is an alternative exhibition space co-founded by Caroline Kent and Nate Young.  Its major goal is to facilitate engaging and meaningful exhibitions operating outside constraints of institution and market seeking to be a catalyst for pragmatic critical thought and conversation.

Nate Young received his BA from Northwestern College in MN (04), his MFA from California Institute of the Arts (09) and completed an artist residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (09). His work explores the contemporary discourse of racialization in a way that is focused not on the particular politics of social engagement but instead aims to deconstruct the essentialism that allows modern oppression.  He interrogates these ideas through poetic gestures as well as analytical and intentional positions reacting against popular notions of art production.  He has been awarded grants through the MN State Arts Board and is a 2009 Bush Fellow.

Caroline Kent earned her BS from the IL State University (98), and her MFA from the University of MN in (08).  Her work interprets modes of cognitive function related to the subjective experience of place in relation to the tropes of aesthetic experiences produced though painting, collage and film.  In her current work she combines time with inter-dimensional travel and juxtaposes both with the images of extreme human feat.  She is the recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative and a 2009 Jerome Fellow.


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