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Video Is Dead

By:  Zachary Fabri

July 26th – August 31st 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday July 26th

7pm – 9pm

Live Performance of I Cant Breathe Opening Night


Saturday, July 26th, 2014

The Bindery Projects is please to present Video is Dead by Zachary Fabri.  His first solo exhibition in the Twin Cities presents photographs, sculpture and video.  Fabri will also debut his performance, I Can’t Breathe, a piece influenced by the video of the recent murder of Eric Garner by a New York Police Department officer.

Through his practice, Fabri investigates and creates critique of the ways in which objects become imbedded with political content.  He borrows images from popular culture, advertising, media and culturally specific imagery to create unexpected poetic reference.

The exhibition title Video is Dead is a modification of the statement attributed to the French painter Paul Delaroche in the 19th century. His alleged quote, "from today, painting is dead" was in response to seeing early examples of the daguerreotype. For this exhibition, Fabri riffs on that original statement, inserting a contemporary conversation about video and its pervasive and ubiquitous forms.

In his ongoing series of photographs, Aureola, Fabri examines the representations of black presidents in Television and Film.  These images at once question their inclusion in white narratives (sincere or ironic), but also highlight powerful descriptions of black men.  The photos are shot from his computer screen creating a pixilation of the image as well as reflective lights around the heads and body’s of the characters.   This effect serves to obscure the representation of the bodies as well as create golden halos that reference divinity or holiness.  

To foresee, to be inspired by a the particles around us, is comprised of white dice and discarded chicken bones found in his neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Bone divination and the dice game of craps and are paired to create a new complex game about chance, economics and the future.  

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (after Delaroche) creates an immediate parallel with the life and death narrative of Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days until her execution at 16 years old on February 12, 1554. Shot in front of the Apollo Theater, the video documents the candid reaction of hundreds of Harlem residents only hours after Michael Jackson's death.