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The Bindery Projects is pleased to present The Kings Seven Daughters a solo exhibition of works by Pao Houa Her. 

In the installation consisting of sound and images Her harkens to traditional Hmong folklore, specifically a story of a king with seven daughters.  In the story each of the daughters exhibits specific traits that make them desirable to men.  The youngest daughter is a conglomerate of all of these traits in turn making her the most desirable of them all.  Using appropriated portraits of Hmong women from an international Hmong dating site her intentionally complicates the ability of the viewer to perceive the relationships between desire, traditional idealized beauty and exoticisation. 

Pao Houa Her was born in Laos. Her and her family moved to Minnesota in 1986. Her studied photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she received a BFA. In 2010, Her attended Yale University, School of Art where she received an MFA. Her currently lives and works in Minnesota.